Why Second Guessing Yourself Is A Good Thing

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Do you ever second guess yourself and your abilities to do a certain trick, move or maneuver?

Do you doubt your own abilities, worry about what others think and end up freezing and giving up?

Are you afraid of making mistakes, failing and getting embarrassed in front of everyone?

What if feeling insecure wasn’t as bad of a thing you might’ve thought?

Do you want to learn how to take advantage of second guessing and feel more confident in yourself?

Reason #1: Avoiding Injuries

Second guessing will keep you from trying tricks that are way beyond your abilities. Too advanced tricks lead to getting seriously injured.

Most athletes have no way of determining when they are ready to try out new tricks, moves and maneuvers.

So they try things that are way beyond their abilities. This in turn increase their risk of getting injured and getting hurt.

This puts them back as they have to recover physically and heal the mental scars that injuries cause in addition to the added insecurity getting hurt creates.

Reason #2: Mistakes

Insecurity will protect you from making mistakes that could lead to getting laughed at and feeling embarrassed.

Everyone’s afraid to make mistakes in front of people and feeling embarrassed about it at some point.

Such incidents can unfortunately create even more insecurity.

That’s why it’s important that you know how to take advantage of making mistakes. And how you can leverage your mistakes to learn faster before you chuck yourself in front of a big crowd.

Reason #3: Better Decisions

Self doubt will help you make better decisions.

It’ll help you determine what tricks to try out and what to save for later when you are actually ready for them.

Feeling insecure will make you think of safer ways to learn new tricks, moves and maneuvers instead of just mindlessly trying out new things.

Overconfidence is surprisingly one of the most common reasons for falling and getting seriously hurt. We all have those friends who don’t seem to have a sense of self preservation and they just go for it and end up getting hurt a lot.

Reason #4: Source Of Motivation

Insecurity can be a very strong source of motivation. It can lead to determination to show everyone what you are truly able to do.

And it can propel you to new heights you couldn’t have reached otherwise.

If you haven’t heard of my embarrassing failure in front of everybody that lead me to going pro you can watch the video below.

Feeling insecure can be the stepping stone that push you over the edge makes you say enough is enough. It can lead you to searching for the answer how to solve your performance blocks that hold you back from learning new tricks.

Reason #5: Path To Gaining More Confidence

Second guessing will give you a clearer picture of what you are able to do right now and show you the path to gaining more confidence in yourself.


Answer these three questions on paper to

  1. Where in your life has feeling insecure served you well?
  2. When was second guessing a good thing?
  3. How has feeling insecure made you more confident?

These may not be easy questions to answer to.

If they were you would know the answer off the bat. These are hard because you’ve never probably had to think about such questions.

And therefore they have the opportunity to give you completely new answers, insights and personal discoveries.

Please share this article with your friends and leave your questions and comments below, because I love hearing from you.

Have fun, encourage others and remember to be kind to yourself!

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