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Hey you thinking about joining the Form Supreme? Nothing makes me prouder than seeing you overcome those frustrating mental blocks that prevent you from becoming the best you can be and having the fun you deserve.

In the heart of Form Supreme books and trainings is teaching you how to master your mind and thinking more positive ways when it feels like the world is collapsing on you. Here's what some of the athletes who've come through Form Supreme trainings say.


“I bought Jussi’s book Pro Mental Game in fall and have been reading it several times. Since then my life and my mental strength has improve a lot. I just wanna thank Jussi for writing this book. It helped me a lot and my level of riding has improved since I know how to handle fear and know how to handle being stuck.”

-Kevin Cajochen, snowboarder, Whistler Canada


“I’m able to take my nervousness and turn it into confidence with Jussi’s techniques. Jussi helped me feel calmer in bigger waves, help take away my fear of big waves, take anxiety and turn it into good energy. One thing I would say is different in big waves now, is that I enjoy getting smashed rather than running from it before. My surfing has been feeling reinvented and rejuvenated working with Jussi.”

-Austin Ware, Pro Surfer & Coach, California, U.S.


“Trip and contest was an awesome experience. Really happy with how I went in the comp. In my second attempt I landed all the tricks I had planned. The mental techniques of reaction pre planning and visualization was a huge help for staying calm and confident throughout the comp. My goal for the comp was to do my best, enjoy the experience and learn as much as I could about competitions. Feel proud to say that I definitely achieved that goal. Thank you very much for helping me get my mental game on track. It help me overcome fears and allowed me to learn a lot from the opportunity to compete.”

-Emma Cornish, Cable Wakeboarder, Australia


“My biggest frustration was getting myself to do certain moves that I knew I had the physical capabilities to pull off, but had a lot of mental resistance towards. I cut the time needed to mentally psych myself up in half and have since had less parkour-related injuries. Learning to recognize faulty thought-patterns that were causing me to doubt myself. I recommend this to athletes that would like to cut their learning curve and increase their longevity in the sport.”


-Otto Vainio, Freerunner & Traceur Finland

“I’ve been working with Jussi and I saw huge improvement. Jussi helped me a lot with his teachings when I was struggling with my fear of critics while making The Little Things and different areas of my career. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their career or even on just personal level.”


-Marie-France Roy, Pro Snowboarder & Women’s Rider Of The Year 2015, Rome, Oakley, Red Bull

“Deep, difficult snow was my thing. Until I broke my knee in 1988. For 26 years I have not skied powder. I ski everything else, like carving high speed and icy moguls. But just thinking about deep snow did make my knee hurt. The fear had me. The fear limited me. The fear restricted my skiing and my life. Until I met Jussi! In just four Skype sessions he made me overcome my fear of powder and replace it with a joyful ease that already has touched a whole bunch of different aspects of my life. Thanks to Jussi I can ski virgin powder with a smile on my face again.”

-Helena Westin, Skier, Sweden


“My mental game was the weakest part and now it’s the strongest. Getting psyched out with other people it throws you off so much and you’re not on your game and focused so all those exercises that we did really help me I’m able to get into my own zone and focus on my own performance rather than worrying about everything else happening around me.”

-Malcom Daly, Surfer, Canada


“I’ve had a couple of surfs now and have been really focussing on my thoughts and listening to the sounds around me and just being in the moment. One of the surfs wasn’t great and I used Jussi’s tips. I came in feeling much better about myself even though it was crap and I was blowing waves. What a massive difference a change in the way you think can make. I have no doubt I will be using his tips for the rest of my life. Jussi has covered all of my problems in his book (Pro Mental Game). I’ve just finished reading it and will re -read it again and again. I feel I’ve stepped my surfing up to the next level.”

-Shane Kloske, surfer, Australia


“I was not improving and i was getting upset that how i want to be at a pro level but just couldn’t get there! I was losing the love and passion for surfing which made me not improve as I wasn’t 100% into it. The best thing about training with Jussi was that I learned to understand what I’m feeling when surfing instead of getting frustrated on a bad turn. He taught me exactly how to be more positive and also confident in and out of the water!! Thanks to Jussi I am more committed to each turn instead of focusing on the whole wave! I recommend this training for any athlete who feels stuck in their spot! It’s not all bout talent and skill, it’s also a lot of mental strength which plays a massive role in getting to the level you want to be!”

-Harry McCabe, Semi-Pro Surfer, Manley Beach Australia


“I love to snowboard but I developed an unnatural almost silly fear of chairlifts and having no control on them. And it got to a point where I haven’t been on a chairlift in over a season. But the techniques Jussi’s showed me the past two weeks I’ve been able to overcome my fears. And I took gondolas and they’ve been high. And it’s been windy. The techniques Jussi’s showed me have enable me to improve my life.”

-Sean Sewell, Snowboarder, Colorado U.S.


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