Pro’s Mental Game Secrets

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Every athlete faces fear, and the number #1 fear that destroys athletes confidence and any chance of learning new tricks, is the fear of getting injured.

Do you want to overcome your fear of getting injured so you get moving forward again and learn new tricks?

Would you like to feel confident in your abilities so you can have more fun and freedom?

My name is Jussi Tarvainen and before I was a pro snowboarder and started training professional extreme athletes how to overcome their fears I was struggling to overcome my own fears.

I would freeze, start to hesitate and doubt my abilities and I was terrified of making mistakes in public and end up feeling embarrassed and laughed at.

“In order to have something you’ve never had before you must do something you’ve never done before.” -Thomas Jefferson

It had never even occurred to me that there were skills and tricks I could learn mentally to overcome my fears.

I was told that “You just have to make yourself do it” and that was probably the worst advice I got.

If I could’ve just “Made myself do it” of course I would’ve done it.

Yet, I couldn’t.

That of course didn’t mean there weren’t ways to overcome your fears. It just meant that I had never discovered them. Finally one day I got so fed up and frustrated with my fears that were holding me back from learning new tricks and having fun that I made a commitment to myself.

“I’m going to overcome my fears what ever it takes.”

And maybe that’s what got you here as well. Are you sick and tired having your fears and mental obstacles hold you back and stealing your fun away?

I spent almost 10 years studying, researching and experimenting with different mental techniques and what I discovered blew my mind.

Thanks to these skills I was able to become a pro snowboarder, travel around the world for 7 years having fun with my friends, learn new tricks faster and reach the full freedom to do all the tricks I always wanted and the craziest part is that I got paid to do it. But it wasn’t until I got over my fears.

I learned that there actually are special mental tricks and techniques:

  • How You Can Overcome Your Fear of Injury
  • Build Yourself Strong From The Inside and Feel Confident
  •  Get Rid of Hesitation, Freezing and Doubting Your Abilities and
  • Overcome Nervousness and The Fear Of Feeling Embarrassed
  • Get over Fear of Failure and Making Mistakes

These skills are the missing link that are hardly ever talked about out in the open and it is the secret weapon the best professional athletes take the advantage of.

The great thing is that these skills apply not just in your sport but in every area of your life.

If an insecure guy like I was, with no talent at what so ever, from a tiny village in the middle of no where can reach their dreams, then so can you!

I look forward sharing my discoveries with you and teach you the skills how to overcome your fears. See you in the training!

Jussi Tarvainen

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