Is Your Own Mind Blocking You From Winning?

What If You Could Get Access To Your Full Potential?


✓ Learn how to get rid of fear of making mistakes and getting embarrassed

✓ Gain full confidence in your abilities so you can learn faster

✓ Develop a razor sharp focus to consistently perform at your 110% and win more

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Would You Like To Learn How To Reach Goals Like A Pro?

Master Your Mind

• So you can learn new tricks, moves & maneuvers faster

• Overcome fear of what others think

• Get rid of self sabotaging nervousness

• Overcome fear of making mistakes and getting embarrassed

• Learn how to take advantage of mistakes and shortcut plateaus

• Perform at your full potential and win more contests

• Overcome overthinking, second guessing and freezing


• Building Your Momentum

• Secret To Gaining Full Confidence & Overcoming Fear

• How To Focus Like A Pro

• Mistakes, Your Opportunity To Accelerate Your Speed Of Learning

• How To Eliminate The Mental Brake Holding You Back

• The 3 Step Formula To Reaching Your Goals Like A Pro


Jussi Tarvainen is a former pro snowboarder from Finland.

He trains pro and amateur surfers, snowboarders, freerunners and other action sport athletes how to master your mind so you can become the best you can be.

Jussi has worked with athletes from weekend warriors and up-and-coming young guns all the way to X-Games winners, US Open Champions and Olympic medalists.


• 264 pages

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• Full “no questions asked” money back guarantee

Normally $39
Purchase today for $29 and get 20% discount
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“I’ve had a couple of surfs now and have been really focussing on my thoughts and listening to the sounds around me and just being in the moment. One of the surfs wasn’t great and I used Jussi’s tips. I came in feeling much better about myself even though it was crap and I was blowing waves. What a massive difference a change in the way you think can make. I have no doubt I will be using your tips for the rest of my life. You’ve covered all of my problems in your book. I’ve just finished reading it and will re -read it again and again. I feel I’ve stepped my surfing up to the next level.””

-Shane Kloske, surfer, Australia

“Deep, difficult snow was my thing. Until I broke my knee in 1988. For 26 years I have not skied powder. I ski everything else, like carving high speed and icy moguls. But just thinking about deep snow did make my knee hurt. The fear had me. The fear limited me. The fear restricted my skiing and my life. Thanks to Jussi I can ski virgin powder with a smile on my face again.”

-Helena Westin, Sweden

“I love to snowboard but I developed an unnatural almost silly fear of chairlifts and having no control on them. And it got to a point where I haven’t been on a chairlift in over a season. But the techniques Jussi’s showed me the past two weeks I’ve been able to overcome my fears. And I took gondolas and they’ve been high. And it’s been windy. The techniques Jussi’s showed me have enable me to improve my life.”

-Sean Sewell, Snowboarder Colorado, U.S.

“My biggest frustration was getting myself to do certain moves that I knew I had the physical capabilities to pull off, but had a lot of mental resistance towards. I cut the time needed to mentally psych myself up in half and have since had less parkour-related injuries. Learning to recognize faulty thought-patterns that were causing me to doubt myself.”

-Otto Vainio, Freerunner & Traceur Finland

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like the book you have a full 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get the book?
A: As soon as you’ve made your purchase you’ll get a link to download your book instantly.

Q: Who is this book for?
A: It’s for surfers, snowboarders, and freerunners. Whether you are a beginner, weekend warrior, just want to have more fun or you’re a pro and have never practiced your mental skills you’ll be able to have more fun and freedom when you put what you learn from the book into practice.

Q: What if I don’t like it?
A: You got 30 day no questions asked full money back guarantee.

Q: How Do I Get My Book?
A: Once you’ve made the payment you’ll automatically get a download link to your email address you provide.

Q: What Devices Can I Read The Book On?
A: Any device that you can read pdf files on. Mac, PC, Android, iPad, iPhone, etc. Some devices might need a pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat but for most devices it comes with it.

Your Competitive Advantage


• 264 pages

• Download immediately

• Read on any device that handles pdf files

• Full “no questions asked” 100% money back guarantee

Normally $39
Purchase today for $29 and get 20% discount
Save $10