Most athletes are not taking the full advantage and learn how to master their mental game. They get stuck and frustrated unable to get into the right state of mind in contests, filming and when it counts the most.

You’re here for a reason. You’ve realized it’s time you learn how to master you own mind once and for all so you can get access to your full potential, consistently perform at your 110% and show everyone what you are truly capable of.

My job is to show you simple step-by-step mental techniques so you can overcome the mental blocks holding you back from winning and having the success you deserve.

What if you could perform at your 110% in contests without fear of making mistakes or overanalyzing causing you to lose?

Winners Mental Game


✓ Get rid of self doubt, second guessing and freezing
✓ Erase overthinking and overanalyzing
✓ Learn how to take advantage of mistakes and bad judging to get you into back into the zone


✓ Gain full confidence in your ability to win
✓ Consistently perform at your 110% in contests
✓ Show everyone what you are truly capable of

Would You Like To Learn How To Master Your Mind So You Can Win More?

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectatios, but we fall to the level of our training.”


This is a 60 minute Premium service 1-on-1 Skype call.

During this call we will:
1. Clarify your goals to set you up for winning

2. Identify your Championship strengths

3. Uncover the progression blocks that cause losing

This call is normally $120 but free if you qualify based on your application.

There is a required $87 deposit to keep the tire kickers out who aren’t serious about investing into their own success which is returned immediately after the session.

Your Championship Mental Edge

Master Your Emotions

✓ Turn pressure, anxiety & nervousness into confidence
✓ Learn how to not let the best intimidate you
✓ Overcome fear of making mistakes and losing

Enter The Flow Zone

✓ Learn how to get into flow on demand
✓ Make yourself failure proof
✓ Get into the winning streak


Jussi Tarvainen is an internationally recognize former pro snowboarder, and an author of multiple books on winners mental game.

He now trains committed pro snowboarders, surfers and other action sport athletes how you can master your mind and become a Champion.

Jussi has coached Olympic medal, X-Games winning and US Open Champion surfers, snowboarders other action sport athletes.

“As you think, so shall you become.”
–Bruce Lee

Qualification Requirements


Here are the requirements that will qualify for your free session:

1. You are highly motivated and are ready to invest into your own success if you are invited to join the Pro Momentum Program.

2. You are getting photos published in magazines and you have an existing track record in contests.

3. You are dedicated to put in the work, committed and open to experiment with new things.

4. You are active in your social media.

5. You have a professional attitude towards everything you do, show up on time, can keep to the appointments and put in the time and effort.

6. You are humble and have a positive image in the industry.


Click the apply button below to secure your spot and fill up the application.


I will email you to let you qualify for the free training. If you do we will meet on Skype.


At the end of the training I may invite you to join the monthly Pro Momentum 1-on-1 Skype training.