How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You

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Do you ever worry what people think of you?

Do you get nervous performing in contests or training in publics?

Is this causing you to second guess yourself, freeze and give up on trying out tricks, moves and maneuvers because you’re afraid to make mistakes, fail and get laughed at?

Do you want to feel fully confident in yourself and not give a flying f*** that those people think?


The care for what others think of us is rooted deeply in our psychology. This fear was developed thousands of years ago when we humans used to live in tribes up to about 120 people.

Tribes were formed to increase your chances of survival against the harsh nature. You could share resources like food and shelter and benefit from skill set different people had developed from building a house to hunting deer.

If you got thrown out of your tribe for stealing or pulling some other stupid feat you were pretty likely to be eaten by the predators.

This is where the fear of ‘what others think of you’ comes from. The fear of being left outside, being abandoned was a serious threat to your survival.

We are still running that same old brain which hasn’t evolved as fast as our modern world.

If you make yourself look like an ass in front of everybody, in todays world you’re pretty unlucky to die for it. You might be left alone and abandoned and social isolation can be a source of a lot of anxiety.


How do you know what other people think of you? Can you read their mind?

I’m pretty sure neither me or you can read people’s minds.

Better yet, the thoughts we think others are thinking of us are most of the time negative. Thinking they are laughing at our mistakes, scrutinizing and judging what we do.

These kinds of thought patterns can effectively destroy your self confidence and leads to second guessing which in turn causes you to make mistakes, fail and get embarrassed.

Exactly the thing you are trying to avoid.

Have you ever asked what someone is thinking about you? Try it out, you might be surprised what they say.


Because most of the time they are thinking the same exact thing you are thinking. “I wonder what that guy is thinking of me?” “I bet he’s/she’s waiting for me to fail and laugh at me.” “They probably think I’m such a looser.”


We humans are quite self centric. We like to think a lot about ourselves, not about others so much.

Please do not think you know what others think of you especially if it’s negative because you don’t. It just chews up your self confidence and spits out insecurity.

Instead of focusing on what others think of you, focus on your performance.

Sometimes you need to distract yourself and get out of your own mind. I’d like to show you a technique how you can do exactly that.


MG180X is a complete mental game mastery system I developed as a result of my own frustration dealing with mental blocks.

This simple technique will help you get rid of the thoughts of “what others think” and resets your focus.

The purpose of this techniques is to take you out of your head and into the present moment instead of thinking of all the future “What if… I fail and get laughed at?” scenarios.

You do this by focusing on your five sense. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling.

This will help you stay focused in the present by studying the nature around you through your 5 senses.

1. Sounds

Listen to the sounds of the waves, the birds, what your breathing sounds like, anything you can hear.

Count how many different sounds you hear around you. You’ll be surprised when you do this.

This will take you out of your head immediately.

2. Seeing

Pay attention to what you see around you. Really look all around you. Look into peoples eyes, look up in the sky, look at the colors you see. Look close, look far.

You can count up how many repetitive objects you see around you. How many pairs of shoes, how many buildings, how many surf/snow/skateboards.

This again will tune you out of your head and take you in the present moment.

3. Feeling

Notice the different kinesthetic feelings like the feeling of your clothes against your skin, how your breathing feels like.

Scan through your whole body from the bottom of the feet to the top of your head and notice how each body part feels.

This again will help you ground yourself in the present.


Now go ahead and put this into practice cause none of this stuff works unless you use them consistently.

Looking forward hearing back from you so feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

And if you feel like this could help your friend or someone else, please share this.

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