How To Master Fear Of Wiping Out

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Fear is the one thing that blocks you from reaching your true freedom to do the things you’ve always wanted.

  • Fear of making mistakes and failing
  • Fear of getting injured while trying a new trick or move
  • Fear of what others think
  • Fear of losing
  • Fear of getting embarrassed

Whether you surf, snowboard or freerun, fear can often destroys any chances of even getting to a point where you attempt the trick.

But what if you could overcome your fears faster and still do it safely, how confident would you feel then?


Fear is nothing you can touch or see, it’s not real.

It’s in our imagination yet it feels very real to us and stops us from progressing.

Fear is an emotion and some people consider it as a negative emotion and some a positive one.

For example I heard a story of a reporter who asked Bono the U2 singer if he was afraid of performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people. He said that he wasn’t so the reporter inquired a bit more and asked how he felt before a big gig.

Bono’s answer was something along the lines that he was shaking, completely pale and felt like puking up. He didn’t consider that as fear. To him that just meant he was ready to perform so he harnessed his fear to get him ready.

If you land a trick you feel confident in your abilities. If you think about an achievement you are most proud of you start to feel good about yourself.

Since fear is an emotion just like any other emotions it means that you can change your emotions and that’s one of the keys to overcoming your fears.

I’m going to share a secret with you. One of the most powerful emotions to destroy fear is the feeling of curiosity.

You can imagine a time when you felt extremely curious. Maybe it was when you were a kid and it was Christmas and you couldn’t wait to open your gifts. You could see all the packages and the ones with your name on it just called you to rattle them and figure what could be there.

When you are curious about the thing you were afraid of it starts to break apart the thing you were afraid of.


How can you use curiosity to overcome fear?

Well you become a scientist of course. What ever the situation is when the fear comes up I want you to imagine being a scientists who’s been hired to study the fear.

When the fear comes up for you, imagine putting your white lab coat on and approach the fear with a feeling of curiosity, the same feeling you have when you can’t wait to do something and you’re extremely curious and excited.

Start to break apart the fear.

Try to located where in your body you feel the fear. Feel how it feels and if it has color to it. Listen to your body and see if your fear has a shape to it.

Now the most important thing to do is to stay with that feeling as long as it take so you let it process through. If it’s moving, changing shape, changing location, changing color, changing the way it feels just stay with it until it has processed through.

Put this technique into practice and let me know the results you get.

The only way to learn is by doing and if you want to overcome your fears and feel confident in your abilities you gotto put these techniques into practice.

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