Case Study: Judged & Criticized By Others

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Do you feel nervous training in public, performing in a contests or in front of your idols.

Does being around the pro’s cause you to worry that you’ll mess it up and end getting laughed at in front of everybody?

Do you ever feel people are judging and criticising your every move which makes you underperform and fail?

Would you like to feel fully confident in yourself and not care about the critics so you can consistently perform at your best in any situation?


A friend of mine Marie-France Roy who rode with me on the same team when I was still a pro snowboarder was facing new challenges in her career. She decided it was time take advantage of professional guidance.

Marie is one of the most humble, kind and passionate person who stands for herself and what she values.

She was working on her award winning environmentally conscious The Little Things snowboard movie and was getting heavy criticism from trolls online.

It led her to second guess her self and if she was doing the right thing.


Marie was afraid of the critics. What others thought of her.

She was putting herself out there online in front of everybody and was getting praised for her new movie as well as shot down.

If you’ve ever uploaded your videos on YouTube, trained in public or competed – you are putting yourself in front of people that might judge your actions.

Everyone has an opinion, none which are inherently right or wrong. They are just different flavours of ice cream so to speak.

You like some and hate some.

So do everyone else.

Every single one of us wants to be liked to a certain degree.

I don’t know anyone who would hate the fact that they’ve inspired someone to become better.

If you are going after a some big goal there are going to be those nay sayers who tell you that you can’t do it.

Maybe you told your parents or friends that you are gonna go pro and they look at you like you’re an idiot.

It’s not because they are jealous of you or don’t want you to succeed.

In most cases it’s because they don’t want to see you fail and get hurt emotionally or physically. They don’t believe that it’s possible like you do. And it’s usually because they don’t believe it’s possible for themselves either.

Believing that your impossible dreams are possible makes them possible in and of themselves.

If you don’t believe something is possible then it won’t be. You won’t try and if you do you don’t give your 110%.

Fear of what others might think of you makes you second guess yourself, doubt what’s truly possible for you, paralyze and at worst get injured or give up.

It can happen at a level of trying new tricks and others saying you can’t do it. Or it can happen at the bigger picture scale where you decide to go after some big goal like going pro.


Fear of what others think of you is one of the most common mental progression blocks in action sports. Whether you surf, snowboard, skateboard or do freerunning.

So you are not alone. I’ve had that and so has 99.9% of other action sport athletes.

In order for you to improve, feel fully confident in yourself, keep progressing, learning new tricks and consistently performing at your best you’re going to hit plateaus and what I call “progression barriers”.

These performance blocks come up in all three aspects of perfect performance.

Your technique, physical strength and mental game.

Just like you have different techniques to do specific tricks, moves and maneuvers or do certain strength training exercises to increase muscle size and muscle chaining for improved coordination – you have mental tricks to overcome mental obstacles.

So if you want to avoid plateaus and keep consistently improving, then you need to solve these problem points, progression barriers to continue on the path of progression.

Some of the most common progression barriers that 99.9% of action sport athletes go through are:

  • Fear of what others think of you
  • Fear of making mistakes, failing and getting embarrassed and laughed at
  • Hesitation, freezing, self doubt, second guessing and overthinking
  • Fear of falling and getting injured
  • Lack of confidence in your abilities and insecurity
  • Fear of heights and big jumps/gaps (snowboarding&freerunning/parkour), drowning & big waves (surfing)

What separates the successful athletes is usually their mental “trick library”.

The more mental tricks you know and are able to use the faster you can overcome these frustrating invisible barriers that hold you back from improving and becoming the best you can be.


Even pro’s are facing new challenges when pushing their limits.

New heights, new frights. New levels, new devils.

Working with Marie was such a pleasure because she is so devoted to improving and progressing to the next level. She’s a true action taker and not afraid to admit and recognise her performance barriers to overcome them.

Whether that means asking from help from a professional or facing her fears straight on and creating something amazing like The Little Things movie no matter what others think.


Let’s hear it from Marie herself what she thought about the training.

Here’s an additional written testimonial she gave:

“I’ve been working with Jussi and I saw huge improvement. Jussi helped me a lot with your teachings when I was struggling with my fear of critics while making The Little Things. He personally helped me with few issues I was having like facing fears and different areas of my career and I recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their career or even on just personal level.”

-Marie-France Roy, Award Winning Pro Snowboarder & Women’s Rider Of The Year 2015, Arbor, Oakley, Red Bull

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