7 Facts About Gaining More Confidence

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Do you ever find find yourself second guessing, freezing or choking up when trying out new tricks, moves or maneuvers?

Would you like to feel fully confident that you can do anything you set your mind to?

Do the thoughts of “What if I mess this up?” destroy your focus and make you feel insecure about yourself and causing you to underperform and make mistakes?

I first wrote about mastering your confidence in my book “Pro Mental Game” so you could understand in depth what it’s all about and how to gain more of it.

As you read through this article you’ll learn 7 facts about confidence + at the end you’ll discover one of the easiest and most simple ways to gain more confidence instantly. It’s called “Confidence Recall”.


Confidence is the balance between insecurity and overconfidence.

Confidence is the balance in between. Knowing what you can do right now and believing into yourself.

Balance comes from knowing what you are capable of doing right now and how far you can safely push your limits.


You don’t have confidence. It’s not anything you can hold in your hands.

It is a feeling that you are capable of handling the trick, move or maneuver for example that you are about to attempt.

Confidence is accepting where you are right now. Being okay with your insecurities and areas to improve upon.

Confident people are the first to admit their insecurities and aren’t afraid to acknowledge their fears.

Progress starts with honesty and honesty means confidence. Knowing your strengths and areas you can improve upon and then working on them.

Confidence means being okay with who you are and what you are capable of at the moment. Being okay that you are not perfect, that you can’t do everything you want… at least not yet. Confidence is about being aware and cool about the areas you need to improve upon.

Not being ashamed of your imperfections.


Confidence is not about big leaps of faith and learning to fly on the way down.

Overconfidence exponentially increases the risk of getting injured and you should avoid it at all costs.

Overconfidence means you think you can do way more than what you are capable of.

Knowing your skill level is crucial to avoiding overconfidence.

PRO TIP: When feeling the lack of confidence ask yourself “Do I have the skills to pull this off? Have I done something similar before or is this way beyond my current capabilities?”


Insecurity means not believing that you can do what you are actually capable of. Event if you’ve done it.

Life is about progression, not perfection. Perfection is an illusion we will never achieve. It’s only a guiding light, not something to set as a goal to achieve.

Most athletes feel insecure and end up thinking if they just had more confidence all their problems would be solved.

When the fact is, if they somehow suddenly got confidence but not the skill to back it up they would fall on the side of overconfidence and likely put themselves in danger of getting seriously injured.

PRO TIP: Find people who’ve been where you have been. Who’ve gone through the same struggles you are going through. Look inspiration form their stories. Ask how were they able to overcome their challenges. The truth is, every single person have felt insecure in their life. Find someone who is at your skill level and start your own team to encourage, inspire and challenge each other.


Confidence is a gradual build up. You don’t go from a 2 foot wave to a 10 foot wave in surfing with confidence.

As a parkour athlete you don’t drop down from a 1 meter ledge and then go to drop down from a 3 meter ledge with confidence if you’ve never done it before.

And you certain don’t hit a 50 foot table top or 30 stair handrail if you’ve only previously hit a 10 foot table top or 7 stair handrail.

Skipping steps takes you to the side of overconfidence which again increases your risk of getting injured.

Building your skills gradually and progressively will naturally build up your confidence.

By making incremental progression steps you’re building your case for yourself that you can do it. You are gathering evidence and proof that you have the abilities to step up to the next level.


When you feel confident in yourself it means you believe that the feat you are about to attempt is possible for you.

You have the utmost certainty that you can do it and that you will succeed.

That belief comes from the evidence you’ve built for yourself through gradual progress.

Often though second guessing, self doubt and thoughts of “what if I fail” jump into your mind and sabotage your confidence.

PRO TIP: To build self belief you need hope. Hope that YOU CAN DO IT. How do you build hope?

By dreaming.

For 7 years before I became a pro snowboarder I dreamt every night before going to bed. No I don’t mean I passed out and fell asleep. I mean I dreamt.

I spent 5-10 minutes dreaming what I would achieve one day. And I did this till I fell asleep. Dreaming about what I would achieve gave me a glimpse of hope that maybe it was possible for me as well.

This grew my self belief which led me to take action to reach those dreams till they came true. I recommend you start dreaming every night before falling asleep.


Confidence is a skill. A mental skill. You can develop it through the strategies you’ve learned in this article.

Just as you can learn new tricks, moves and maneuvers to overcome physical obstacles you can also use mental techniques to overcome mental obstacles like insecurity, second guessing, nervousness or fear of making mistakes and getting injured or embarrassed.

You can use mental tricks to strenghten your mental game just like you train your strength at the gym.


Where were you when you felt that confidence fill your body? What were you wearing? How did you look?

How do you feel? Where in your body does that confidence feel? Does it feel warm? Cold? Does that feeling of confidence has a light or heavy feeling to it? Is it moving? Where is it moving? Does it have color to it?

Do you say something specific to yourself when you feel confident? What is the tonality of your voice? Which direction is the sound coming from? What is the volume of it?

Is the memory in your mind a video, multiple videos, picture or multiple pictures? Are they colorful, normal or black and white? How close are they to you? Are they flat and 2D or 3D as if you are in the memory? Do you see yourself in it or do you see it through your own eyes or both?

I’m guessing that just a second ago you didn’t feel particularly confident but now if you took a moment to do that exercise you feel confident about yourself.

I call this little MG180X mental trick “Confidence Recall” because you recalled a time when you felt confident, to feel confident in the now. Feel free to use that little trick next time you want to feel more confident 😉


Take action. Now you know what to do. Next comes the doing.

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