The only thing holding you back is your own mind

No bullshit mental techniques for committed athletes who want to master their mind to learn faster, get noticed and win more!


What if you knew the mental tricks pro’s use to get rid of second guessing and freezing? And what if you knew how to gain more confidence to consistently perform at your 100%?

Hi I’m Jussi and I’d like to show you how to do that step-by-step. I honed down these hidden mental tricks during my pro snowboarding career and as a coach for Olympic medalist, X-Games winners and US Open Champions.

-Jussi “Your coach” Tarvainen


Do you underperform in front of people?

Are you frustrated and stuck on a plateau, feeling like everyone’s progressing faster than you?

Do you just want to figure out how to get rid of that annoying voice in your head that holds you back from trying and steal your chances of winning?

Most athletes end up giving up because they don’t know the invisible mental techniques pro’s use to consistently perform at their 110%.

Learning few simple mental techniques is often the difference between winning and losing.
I’d like to give you pro mental game techniques and mindsets to unlock the power of your mind so you can show everyone what you are truly capable of.


Winners mindset

Gain full confidence show everyone what you are truly capable of
Master your nerves in contests and when training under pressure in front of people
Control your own mind so you can consistently perform at your 110%


Mental blocks

Overcome fear of making mistakes, failing, disappointing yourself or letting others down

Get rid of the fear of wiping out and getting injured which increases your risk of injury

Learn how to not care what others think and not let the outside destroy your confidence

“I’ve been working with Jussi and I saw huge improvement. Jussi helped me a lot with his teachings when I was struggling with my fear of critics while making The Little Things and different areas of my career. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their career or even on just personal level.”

-Marie-France Roy, Pro Snowboarder & Women’s Rider Of The Year 2015, Rome, Oakley, Red Bull

Is your own mind holding you back from winning?

If you’re like I was and you keep failing, making slow progress and being blocked by fears and other mental blocks I want you to know that you are not alone.

You’re going through the same things pretty much everyone of your friends are.

No one talks about it because they don’t want to look “weak”.

Those who overcome their mental blocks figure out better ways to think.

I’d like to give you the way pro’s think so you can learn new tricks faster, have more fun and win more contests in the process.


“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

– Buddha

Who is mental training for?

Snowboarders / Surfers / Skaters / Wakeboarders / Traceurs / Freerunners

Any performer who wants to learn and improve faster, consistently perform at your best in front of people, win more contests so you can become the best you can be

Anyone facing mental blocks like fears, self doubt or negative self sabotaging thoughts

Who is mental training not for?

If you don’t want to get access to your full potential and show everyone what you are truly capable of
If you don’t want to consistently perform at your 110% and win more contests in front of people
If you don’t want to improve faster and become the best you can be